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Residence Magnolia Aviano


Within the universe of the pre-alpine foothills, access and travel are quick and easy, with rapidly-changing scenery and views of immense natural beauty. And before your very eyes, the scene can change. A ray of sunlight, a passing cloud, can make you see the countryside in a new way, a special way. And each individual experiences these changes in their own, personal way. The wide-open spaces, the woodland, the meadows, the rocks and the isolation help us to understand how to see and feel nature. The light is clear, the sounds pure, the distance is near: what the eye can see can soon be visited. A holiday here has its own rhythms and pace. Everything is clearer, brighter and heightens our senses. The very silence has a musical depth, helping relaxation and peace. The life of the local people is simple today as in the past even though the infrastructure offers modern comforts and facilities. The work of the mountain folk is still tied to the seasons: fields haymaking, producing and using milk from the mountain pastures. It is a step into the past, leading us to meditate on life's changes and so rediscover ourselves.


The dominating heights of Monte Cavallo provide an impressive backdrop of alpine scenery, rich in greenery and touched by snowfalls. In the beginning a settlement of herdsmen working for the local landowners, then the Celts followed by the Romans and later the Goths and Longobards. Nowadays it is a dynamic, lively little town with a cosmopolitan touch, thanks to the United States' air base. The castle dates back to before the Hungarian invasion of Friuli in the 10th century. This is also an opportunity to visit the palazzo Policreti and to learn something about the many hamlets along the foothills. Among the historical figures connected with Aviano, is the noble Carlo Cristofoli, who, under the name of Padre Marco d'Aviano, was a preacher and Church spokesman of international fame in 16th century Europe. On an other cultural level, the troupe of dancers "Federico Angelica" and the choir "La Betulla" are based here.


Piancavallo can boast many special characteristics. It is a high-class international ski resort, whose residential area has a modern, dynamic atmosphere. It has long been a centre full of activity and imagination, to which it is easy to arrive from both within Italy and abroad using the motorways, railways or airports. Less than an hour by car from Pordenone, and two at the most from Venice itself or Trieste: there is always excellent snow cover, thanks to its favourable geographic position within a natural hollow at 1300 metres above sea level, sheltered by Monte Cavallo and opening outwards facing the Adriatic Sea.

Even in the mildest winters, snow-generating equipment can guarantee snow cover over 80% of the skiing area. Among the many slopes are those used for important international competitions and nursery slopes for international skiers of the future. All slopes are interconnected and served by five ski-lifts and six chair lifts.

The wide range of winter supports facilities extends to several well prepared cross-country circuits - one of which is illuminated at night to provide a marvellous night-time skiing experience - ski schools for children and adults, and the "Ice Palace" for skating and related activities.
And for the remainder of your stay, a shopping centre, bars, restaurants, country eating, wine tasting, cafes, a congress centre, discotheque and a fitness centre.

But Piancavallo is also a well known summer resort, too: it is the ideal launching point for hang-gliders and para-gliders, taking off towards the plan form where cyclists pit themselves against the classic ascent, made famous by Pantani's victory in the "Giro d'Italia".

Then there are tennis, volleyball and basketball courts. A full-sized football pitch suitable for both short term and residential training sessions.
There is a nine holes golf course at Castello d'Aviano. And riding stables for pony-trekking expeditions. There are well-sign posted mountain paths of various levels of difficulty, and tracks for mountains bikers to journey throughout the area as far as the Valcellina. In fact everything for a summer full of both organized and spontaneous fun.

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